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Between Buds

Streetcar Management and Flying Squid present a night of sketch comedy, stand-up, live music, food, booze, and other holiday shenanigans! 

Dinner/Doors at 7! 

If you're interested in a dinner ticket private message Jazmin Crawford for the menu and more info!

Comedy at 8

Flying Squid - sketch and stand-up comedy from space

Music at 10

Apache - father/son experimental hip-hop duo

Buckhead Shaman - experimental groove pop mystic bullshit

Fun Isn't Fair

2/3 of Prius gang slangin yummy spring cocktails and as much PBR as you kids can drink!


FIRE (if it gets chilly at night)!


This is a night between buds and buds of buds alike! Your homies are more than welcome, just RSVP their names as well!! 

Happy Holidays!